Wood Grinding

Providing wood grinding services that turns wood into a natural bedding material for chicken and turkey farms across Minnesota and Iowa. Our material is also commonly used for Erosion Control, Oil Spill Clean-up, Fertilizer, and Natural Fuel Sources.

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Stack of Pallets - Wood Recycling

Wood Recycling

We accept wood for recycling.
Bring your pallets, crates, scrap wood, plywood clippings or dunnage to our facility next to the Kandiyohi Power Coop off of Hwy 23 South of Spicer (8722 47th St. NE.) or schedule a pick-up for truckload quantities - 320.796.0194. We pick-up within a 60 mile radius of Spicer, MN.

Clean Wood Please. NO foam packaging, plastic, cement covered or treated lumber.

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Steel Grain Elevator

Grain Elevator Removal

At Hansen Companies, we have high performance steel grinders to assist in disassembling unused grain elevators.

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Hansen Companies of Spicer
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Phone: 320-796-0194
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Monday - Friday: 7am-10pm

Demolition - Recycle - Concrete

Welcome to Hansen Companies of Spicer Minnesota. What began in 1999 as a very successful concrete company has since become one of the largest producers of all-natural ground wood in the state of Minnesota. We proudly boast of our high-performance wood chopping equipment that has helped us clear over 10,000 acres of brush sites throughout Minnesota and Iowa, and recycled the wood to create a natural product that can be used for animal bedding, gardening, landscaping, natural fuel, and more.

We Accept Wood for Recycling

Schedule a pick-up for truckload quantities or drop-off at our site. Clean wood please. No foam packaging, plastic, cement covered or treated lumber.

We believe that recycling any wood material is not only beneficial to sustaining our natural resources, but also provides individuals and companies a cost effective way to dispose of pallets, crates, board clippings, plywood drop and dunnage.

Recycled Wood

Woodchips have a great many uses and benefits. Chicken and turkey farmers love using wood bedding, as it has super-high natural absorbency (which keeps bacteria at bay), is cost efficient, recyclable, and tends to keep animal areas cleaner with less effort. Wood bedding protects both birds and humans from dangerous respiratory problems caused by ammonia in the air from bird droppings, and act as an insulator to keep the ground warmer during the cold mid-west winter months. Wood is extremely environmentally friendly; after about a year of use as chicken bedding, the wood can be used as compost or organic fertilizer for fields, gardens, lawns and more.

Hansen Companies provides more than bedding. We have high performance Steel Grinders to assist in disassembling unused or condemned grain elevators; not only eliminating the liability risks of adventurers or sightseers from injury and removing an eyesore, but also recycling the wood material to be used as bedding for chicken and turkey farmers. See our Services page for more information!

Large Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

We take quality service seriously at Hansen Companies. Whether you own or operate a large industrial poultry farm, or raise birds on a hobby farm, we are here to serve you. We provide clean, recycled wood as a natural and cost efficient replacement to poultry bedding, or as a natural biofuel source. Contact us at Hansen Companies today with questions, or for more information on the services we provide.

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